Pokemon TCG Fusion Strike Expansion Announced For November 2021

Pokemon TCG Fusion Strike Expansion Announced For November 2021

The Pokemon Company has announced the next major expansion for the Pokemon Trading Card game coming this November.

The Pokemon Trading Card Game Sword & Shield Fusion Strike is scheduled to launch on November 12th 2021, and will add a new mechanic called Fusion Strike Pokemon, which have added effects if players use multiple cards with this characteristic together. The expansion will include “A Build & Battle Box, Build & Battle Stadium, Elite Trainer Box, and booster packs”.

You can check out some images of the cards and sets below, along with some additional details compiled by Siliconera:

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  • There will be 25 Fusion Strike cards in this expansion. These are the Pokemon that will benefit from being played together. Genesect V and Hoopa V are two of them mentioned.
  • They are also two of the 20 Pokemon V cards that will be in the set. There will be eight Pokemon VMax cards, with Mew VMax as the first confirmed one. One Special Energy, seven full-art Supporter, 13 full-art Pokemon V, and 20 Trainer Cards will also appear.
  • The Build & Battle Box with four booster packs from this expansion and an Evolution pack with 23 cards will be out on October 30, 2021.
  • The Build & Battle Stadium won’t be out until November 26, 2021. It gives people two of the Build & Battle Boxes, four booster packs, and 121 Energy cards.

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