Pokemon TCG Station Opening In Japan Next Week

Pokemon TCG Station Opening In Japan Next Week

The Pokemon Company has announced it will be opening Pokemon TCG Station in Tokyo, Japan next week.

Unlike Pokemon Center, Pokemon TCG Station is all about the the Pokemon Trading Card Game. The Pokemon TCG Station is a permanent event space for players who are looking for other players to battle or talk about Pokemon TCG.

The most amazing part about Pokemon TCG Station are the official events. Believe it or not, there will be official events organized by the staff at Pokemon TCG Station every single day.

A Pokemon TCG Concierge will be present at the station, so players who want to learn more about the rules of the TCG or need help with anything about the TCG could directly ask members of the concierge.

Pokemon TCG booster packs, sleeves, and other products will also be available for purchase.

Pokemon TCG Station opens at Lalaport TOKYO-BAY (within Pokemon Center Tokyo Bay) on September 16, 2017. Operating hours are 10am to 8pm (Monday – Thursday) and 10am to 9pm (Friday – Sunday and Public Holidays).