Pre-orders For Shadow Bug Open This Weekend

Pre-orders For Shadow Bug Open This Weekend

Here’s a look at the different editions of Shadow Bug available for pre-order.

Shadow Bug is a puzzle-heavy platformer that features a unique playstyle – Rather than controlling jumps via direct button-input, you progress through levels by smartly chaining your attacks on enemies. The game design involves tricky puzzle-solving and surviving gripping level compositions that challenge you to master this game.

Shadow Bug uses the Nintendo Switch’s unique hardware features such as the touch-screen: In handheld mode, the touch-screen is utilized to control the dangerous bugger through the dangerous journey and in docking-mode, Shadow Bug’s buddy Fly will come out and help you to aim his attacks via motion controls!

While characters and level hazards are mostly displayed in the name-giving shadow style, the game shows off beautifully illustrated level backgrounds that set the theme of each stage. The captivating soundtrack by Veli Laamanen is heavily inspired by Kung-Fu movies and changes its theme progressively as you advance through the game.

Limited to 3000 copies

Price: 37,99


  • cover with interior art
  • game cart
  • 40 pages in-depth manual
  • exclusive slipcase
  • silver-colored coin (numbered)

Limited to 1500 copies

Price: 69,99


  • premium box with item tray
  • gold-colored coin (numbered)
  • double sided DIN A2 poster
  • clearfile with surprise insert

Base Game:

  • cover with interior art
  • game cart
  • 40 page in-depth manual

Premium Soundtrack:

  • original game soundtrack
  • 12,4mm premium jewel case
  • spine card (OBI-style)
  • 12 pages booklet

Hardback Artbook:

  • DIN C4 sized
  • high-quality hardback cover
  • 72 content-rich full color pages

Limited to 350 single copies

Price: 19,99€


  • premium jewel case
  • spine card (OBI)
  • 12 page booklet
  • CD with 17 Tracks
This time, the preorders will go live at 6 PM CEST on Saturday, 17th of August 2019.
Restrictions against mass purchase will be in place: The Regular Edition and soundtracks will each be limited to 3 copies per customer, the Collector’s Edtion to only 2 per customer.

Our product listings on the website will go online with the public announcement on Friday, but preorders will not be open at that point. And no worries about missing your preorder: We’ll send another reminder via e-Mail.

The release of the Regular and Collector’s Edition, as well as the CD soundtrack of Shadow Bug is slated for end of September.