Preorders For Octopath Traveler On Steam Now Live

Preorders For Octopath Traveler On Steam Now Live

Venture on this path starting next month on your PC and get some wallpapers with your preorder.

It was announced earlier this year that Octopath Traveler would no longer be a Nintendo Switch exclusive and June 7th marks the expansion to Steam.

This comes less than a year of the initial release of the game on Nintendo Switch for USD$59.99 on July 13, 2018. Square Enix, the developers behind Octopath, are selling the PC version of the game for the same price.

Preorders are available on Octopath‘s Steam page, and players who order the game early will receive 11 exclusive wallpapers. These wallpapers have artwork for the eight main heroes and three of the game’s locations.

OCTOPATH TRAVELER will be available on Steam from June 7, 2019 with English and Japanese audio, and English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese text.

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