Producer of LoZ: Symphony of the Goddesses talks evolution of Concert, Hopes for “Nintendo All Star” Concert

Producer of LoZ: Symphony of the Goddesses talks evolution of Concert, Hopes for “Nintendo All Star” Concert

Long time fans would have remembered the long running Zelda orchestral concert, The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses, that is in its fifth year and third leg. The journalists at Vooks got a chance to speak with producer of the symphony, Jason Michael Paul.

In the interview, Jason discusses a variety of topics from the gradual evolution of the symphony to his hopes for the future.

When asked if this leg of the symphony is different from the past, Jason quipped that the symphony has changed so much since it first started that only 20% of the original symphony was retained. Through the years, the team worked closely with Nintendo and modified the symphony accordingly with the new games.

Vooks: So the last time the Zelda Symphony was here was in 2013 for the 25th Anniversary concerts in Sydney and since then there have been some new Zelda games released, will we be hearing things from Breath of the Wild, for example?

Jason: Oh the show that you saw in Sydney is not the same show you’ll see now, it’s totally different! In fact, I would say that only 20% of the show is the same from when you last saw it. We have a new movement from Skyward Sword and we’ve gone from four movements to five. Now that we know the timeline with Skyward Sword being released its part of the first movement now.

We have new arrangements from Breath of the Wild, which are just awesome and we have incorporated a lot of the elements from the gameplay, a lot of sound effects and cool things for that. We have Twilight Princess HD since that’s been released now. I mean where do I begin! We have an updated overture which, is amazing and also includes Breath of the Wild now. We have a new intermezzo which is just it’ll make you cry, I mean it’s ridiculous.

We’ve got all the updates, for all the games, if they’ve been released then they’ve been updated in the program.

Jason also voiced hopes that maybe one day there will be a “Nintendo All Star” concert and that he will be given opportunity to work on it. Until then though, he promises to continue working hard on the Symphony of the Goddesses

Vooks: Are there any other Nintendo franchises you think you would want to do this to or perhaps an all-Nintendo show?

JP: (laughs) Of course, it’s all on Nintendo! I’ve already presented these ideas for years and years. Now so hopefully I’ll get my shot to be able to do that and hopefully I’ve done the Legend of Zelda franchise justice enough to be to be handed the torch to be able to do that because the idea of creating a Nintendo All Star concert is definitely something I would love to do. It would basically be all of Nintendo’s IP being presented all in one concert, it would be phenomenal.

The concert is still running and will be performing in a number of countries such as Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom, and United States. See if there is any of them performing near you here. While you are at it, you can also read the full interview from Vooks here too.