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Edition Of Dreams (Nintendo Switch) | NintendoSoup
Dragon Quest XI S Gorgeous Edition Of Dreams (Nintendo Switch)

Dragon Quest XI S Gorgeous Edition Of Dreams (Nintendo Switch)


Dragon Quest XI S Gorgeous Edition of Dreams is a special edition exclusive to Square Enix Store in Japan. It includes Dragon Quest XI S Gorgeous Edition (physical game, Voice Drama DLC, Japanese/English Voice DLC, Kingdom of Trodain Costume DLC, Wild Boar Piglet DLC, Happy Adventure Set), Gorgeous Tablet Memo Pad, and B5 size book Voice Drama Script.

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Release date: September 27, 2019

Description: Dragon Quest XI S Gorgeous Edition of Dreams is a special edition exclusive to Square Enix Store in Japan. It includes Dragon Quest XI S Gorgeous Edition (physical game, Voice Drama DLC, Japanese/English Voice DLC, Kingdom of Trodain Costume DLC, Wild Boar Piglet DLC, Happy Adventure Set), Gorgeous Tablet Memo Pad, and B5 size book Voice Drama Script.

Compatibility: Plays with all Nintendo Switch systems regardless of region.

Languages: Japanese only confirmed at this time

Shipping: Express Mail Service (EMS) – takes 2 to 5 working days, ships directly from Japan


Dragon Quest XI S Gorgeous Edition of Dreams

  • Dragon Quest XI S physical game
  • Voice Drama DLC
  • Japanese/English Voice DLC
  • Kingdom of Trodain Costume DLC
  • Wild Boar Piglet DLC
  • Happy Adventure Set
  • Tablet Memo Pad (150mm x 230mm)
  • B5 size book Voice Drama Script (182mm×257mm)

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