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6vr, 4n, p6b, s4, fk, Nintendo Live 2018 T-shirt KYOTO | NintendoSoup
Nintendo Live 2018 T-shirt KYOTO

Nintendo Live 2018 T-shirt KYOTO


Official T-shirt for Nintendo Live 2018, featuring the word KYOTO as well as the Neon Green and Neon Pink Joy-Con. Comes in four different sizes.



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Release date: October 27, 2018

Description: Official T-shirt for Nintendo Live 2018, featuring the word KYOTO as well as the Neon Green and Neon Pink Joy-Con. Comes in four different sizes.

Shipping: Express Mail Service (EMS) – takes 2 to 5 working days, ships directly from Japan

Size (length, width, shawl, sleeve length):

S: 66cm x 49cm x 44cm x 19cm

M: 70cm x 52cm x 47cm x 20cm

L: 74cm x 55cm x 50cm x 22cm

XL: 78cm x 58cm x 53cm x 24cm


Nintendo Live 2018 T-shirt KYOTO (100% cotton)

Additional information

Weight0.49 kg

S, M, L, XL