Project Eevee Illustration Contest Announced On Pixiv

Project Eevee Illustration Contest Announced On Pixiv

The Pokemon Company has announced the Project Eevee Illustration Contest for all artists and illustrators on Japanese artwork social media site pixiv.

From now till September 20, 2018 6pm JST, Eevee and Eeveelution fans can submit any piece of artwork as long as it features Eevee or its evolutions. The artwork will be judged by Eevee March singer and song writer No Miyuhan and Japanese company Wacom. Results will be announced in mid October 2018.

Here are the list of prizes to be won:

Project Eevee Award (9 winners)

  • Eevee Award: Sleeping Eevee Plush and one copy of Pokemon Let’s GO Eevee
  • Vaporeon Award: Sleeping Vaporeon Plush
  • Jolteon Award: Sleeping Jolteon Plush
  • Flareon Award: Sleeping Flareon Plush
  • Espeon Award: Sleeping Espeon Plush
  • Umbreon Award: Sleeping Umbreon Plush
  • Leafeon Award: Sleeping Leafeon Plush
  • Glaceon Award: Sleeping Glaceon Plush
  • Sylveon Award: Sleeping Sylveon Plush

You can buy the Sleeping Plushies from Pokemon Center too.

Miyuhan Award (1 winner)

  • Miyuhan First Full Album – Stay Home Information Illiterate (Limited Edition with Photo Book)
  • Big Furry Eevee Plush

Wacom Award (1 winner)

  • Wacom Intuos Small (Wireless Model)
  • Big Furry Eevee Plush

Participate in the contest here.