Project Triangle Strategy Demo Survey Now Live In Japan

Project Triangle Strategy Demo Survey Now Live In Japan

Last week, Square Enix officially revealed Project Triangle Strategy – a new tactical RPG featuring similar visuals to Octopath Traveler. This announcement was accompanied by a special demo for the game, and now the company is looking for feedback on the new title!

Square Enix has opened an online survey for the demo, which can be accessed over here if you have a Japanese Square Enix account. Here’s a quick look at the questions in the survey, as translated by some fans:

How satisfied are you with the game? (1 ~ 5)

What did you like about the game? (free text input)

What did you dislike about the game? (free text input)

What, if anything, were you particularly dissatisfied with? (free text input)

Which route did you play?

  • Gave up Rolan
  • Did not give up Rolan
  • Both
  • Neither

Please select any characters which joined your party (multiple choice)

  • Medina
  • Yulio
  • Ezana
  • Nobody joined

Of the characters which joined, please select those you used in battle (multiple choice)

  • Medina
  • Yulio
  • Ezana
  • Nobody

(If you select “Nobody“, another question pops up: Please tell us the reason)

Regarding the game system, please select any areas you found difficult to understand or mechanics you didn’t realize existed (multiple choice)

  • Ending the RPG part (L button)
  • Persuasion (how to persuade)
  • Changing the display of units in battle (using the L stick to toggle HP and Turn Order)
  • The display of reinforcements in the bottom right during battle
  • Buying items in the shop
  • Hub area (the tent with the shops and whatnot. I don’t know what it’s called in English)
  • Exchanging units during battle preparation
  • Moving units during battle preparation
  • Using the camera
  • The camera’s bird’s-eye-view
  • The camera’s distance control (zoom in / out)
  • None of the above

(If you select “None of the above“, another question pops up: **Please tell us about any other areas you found difficult to understand.”)

Regarding the first battle (on the bridge). Did you play this battle? (Yes / No)

Regarding the second battle (in the village). Did you play this battle? (Yes / No)

Regarding the third battle (in the field). Did you play this battle? (Yes / No)

(For any of the above questions, choose “Yes” shows four additional questions: Please select the difficulty (hard, okay, easy), How satisfied were you? (it was fun, it was not fun), How long did you play? (15min, 30min, 60min, more, I don’t remember), How satisfied were you with the playtime? (short, okay, long))

What is your gender?

  • Male
  • Female
  • Neither
  • Choose not to answer

What is your age? (options <10, intervals of 10, and >60)

How often do your play simulation (tactics) games?

  • Often
  • Sometimes, or I have played one before
  • This is the first time

Please select games / game series you enjoy (multiple choice)

  • Fire Emblem
  • Super Robot Wars
  • Valkyria Chronicles
  • Disgaea
  • Final Fantasy Tactics
  • Tactics Ogre
  • Bravely Default
  • Octopath Traveller
  • XCOM / XCOM2
  • Wargroove
  • The Banner Saga
  • Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle
  • Advance Wars
  • Gears Tactics
  • Shining Force
  • None of the above

When playing simulation (tactics) games, what do you find important or enjoy? (multiple choice)

  • Graphics and art style
  • Settings
  • Music
  • Difficulty level
  • Story
  • Variety of characters and their unique attributes
  • Character growth and class(level) mechanics
  • Amount of content and playtime
  • The way your choices affect the development of the story
  • The ability to choose the most effective character(s) in your team
  • Thinking strategically and playing at your own pace
  • Using the advantages / disadvantages of your units and the environment
  • I don’t know
  • Other

(Selecting “Other” shows a free text input for additional explanation.)

Do you plan on purchasing Project TRIANGLE STRATEGY?

  • Yes
  • Probably
  • I don’t know
  • Probably not
  • No

What about you? Have you tried the demo? How did you find it? Feel free to share with us below!