Puzzle Game Flipon Heads To Nintendo Switch On October 8, 2020

Puzzle Game Flipon Heads To Nintendo Switch On October 8, 2020

Puzzle game fans will be able to flex their brain muscles with this upcoming space adventure!

Today, French developer Damien Mayance unveiled Flipon for Nintendo Switch and Steam, with a launch date of 8 October 2020. The game reimagines standard match-3 puzzle mechanics with unique effects to mix up gameplay – and follows the adventures of the young explorer Kat and her space miners!

Check out the official trailer below:

French developer Damien Mayance, co-founder of Pixelnest Studio, announced today that Flipon, a fun and juicy puzzle game, will be launching on Nintendo Switch™ and Steam on October 8th.

Flipon is a fast-paced arcade puzzle game, using match-3 mechanics mixed with gravity and silliness to create a fun experience. You play as Kat and her space miners crew in a dangerous solar system full of shiny “Flipoblocks” and wacky bad guys.

“With Flipon, I really wanted to make a game that my whole family could enjoy, and still offer a good challenge to regular Panel de Pon/Puzzle League/Tetris Attack players. I’ve worked on Steredenn: Binary Stars, Night Call or Lethis: Daring Discoverers, and I do my best to offer a polished and fun experience to players.” – French developer Damien Mayance


  • Campaign: 75+ levels mixing 5 game modes: objectives, survival, boss fights, puzzles and challenges!
  • Challenge: a procedural puzzle generator for unlimited hours of fun
  • Score attack: an infinite scoring mode with online leaderboards
  • Powers: discover and use wisely 6 different powers during your fights!
  • Versus: local multiplayer fights, up to 4 players on a single screen!
  • The game is also available in Breton!

Flipon will be available on Nintendo Switch at 5.99$/€ on Nintendo Switch and 3.99$/€ on Steam, on October 8th 2020.