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Random: Fan Attempts To Sing Like Cadence Of Hyrule's Shopkeeper | NintendoSoup
Random: Fan Attempts To Sing Like Cadence Of Hyrule’s Shopkeeper

Random: Fan Attempts To Sing Like Cadence Of Hyrule’s Shopkeeper

By now, many Switch gamers would probably have met the shopkeeper in Cadence of Hyrule. The eccentric character will always be singing whenever you walk up to him, just like in Crypt of the Necrodancer. Of course, many have been amused at the shopkeeper’s vocal rendition of many Zelda songs – are some are going beyond just listening for fun.

Enter Nicolas Daoust, who’s had a history of covering Crypt of the Necrodancer songs with his own voice. He’s begun tackling the all-new tracks from Cadence of Hyrule – and the results are shockingly good. In fact, he almost sounds like the real deal in the game!

For comparison, here is the regular shopkeeper singing the same song below (starts at 0:29).

What do you think of Nicolas’ awesome mimicry of the shopkeeper? Let us know with your comments below!