Random: The Internet Reacts To The Super Mario Bros. Movie Cast

Random: The Internet Reacts To The Super Mario Bros. Movie Cast

Earlier today, Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto shared more details about Illumination’s upcoming Super Mario Bros. animated film, including who will be playing Mario and his friends in the movie.

The reveal was met with a great deal of surprise from fans, particularly the decision to cast Chris Pratt as the titular plumber. Live reactions to the event often have viewers erupting into uncontrollable laughter at the reveal, and the internet has since been flooded with memes about how bizarre the choice seems, often with callbacks to Pratt’s other roles.

This new Mario movie looks dope from gaming

Although Chris Pratt has been the main focus, other casting decisions such as Jack Black playing Bowser and Charlie Day playing Luigi have had their own share of memes being made:

Other bemused fans have made memes depicting their own odd casting choices for other characters that could appear in the film, such as Keanu Reeves as Waluigi with Danny Devito as Wario:

He’s gonna carry this film, just you wait! from gaming

Why didn’t this happen from gaming

Chris Pratt himself also uploaded a short video to Instagram sharing his thoughts about landing the role, which you can find below:

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