Random: Zelda Williams Dressed Up As Tingle For Halloween

Random: Zelda Williams Dressed Up As Tingle For Halloween

Having starred alongside her father in various Legend of Zelda series commercials previously, Zelda Williams‘ name will likely ring a bell for many Nintendo fans even today. On top of sharing her name with Hyrule’s princess, the actor has even expressed her love for the Nintendo series by cosplaying as Link last year – and she made no exceptions this Halloween!

Rather than actually dress up as Princess Zelda for the occasion, however, Zelda Williams opted to run about as none other than Tingle (or Breath of the Wild Link in his Tingle costume) – with full-body green spandex and red shorts included! She even channeled Tingle’s…eccentric behavior to a tee in her videos showcasing the costume. Perhaps a little too well.

Perhaps we’ll finally witness Zelda Williams don the royal regalia of Hyrule’s princess next Halloween. Or perhaps she’ll just go as the Happy Mask Salesman, instead. Just because she can.

What do you think? Did Zelda Williams nail down Tingle’s iconic look? Feel free to share below!