Rare Solatorobo Art Books Now Available As E-Books On Amazon

Rare Solatorobo Art Books Now Available As E-Books On Amazon

Fans of Solatorobo: Red The Hunter can now easily get access to treasure troves of amazing concept art.

Amazon US and Canada have recently listed e-book versions of several discontinued Solatorobo art books. There are a total of nine e-books available at $9.99 each, and they are free if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription. Do note that they are all written in Japanese only (although they are mostly illustrations).

You can find them listed on Amazon US at the following links:

Book 1-1     Book 2-1     Book 3-1
Book 1-2     Book 2-2     Book 3-2
Book 1-3     Book 2-3     Book 3-3

Solatoboro originally launched for Nintendo DS in 2010, and featured a huge world of floating islands and animal-like people. Players controlled Red as he used a personal robot to complete various missions. The game was a passion project from CyberConnect2 – whom are currently developing the Trilogy Of Vengeance for Nintendo Switch.

In fact, the company worked so hard on the game that they created enough concept work to fill almost 900 art book pages.

Due to limited supply, the original books are now rare and sell for hundreds of dollars each. These nine e-books seem like a good compromise to let Solatorobo fans experience how much work went into the game.

If you’re curious, here are some preview pages from Amazon: