Real Estate Agent Advertises House With Pikachu Costume

Real Estate Agent Advertises House With Pikachu Costume

It looks like one real estate agent is banking on the Pokemon craze to make some sales, with mixed execution.

Dudley | Roan Home Team has put up a perculiar listing for a home in Baltimore, MD. In particular, most of their sample pictures contain one of their team members dressing up in a Pikachu costume and running around the interior.

While it’s a fun marketing stunt, keen Pokemon fans will probably recognize a few odd features about the suit – such as exposed human feet. The results, of course, might not sit well with some die-hard Pikachu lovers…

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We’re not exactly sure if this costume is boosting sales in any foreseeable way. We’ve already seen how uncanny some unofficial Pikachu costumes can turn out in China, so hopefully these home dealers got enough right to sway buyers.

If you’re still somehow interested to see more, you can check out the entire home listing for more images over here.

UPDATE (1/3/19): The originator of the home listing (Dudley | Roan Home Team) has contacted us with clarifications on this home listing. Namely, that one half of the team, Kate Roan, was the one wearing the costume for the photoshoot.

As Roan was somewhat tall, the costume inevitably exposed their feet in the photos.