Reggie Avoids Commenting On Persona 5 Switch Rumors

Reggie Avoids Commenting On Persona 5 Switch Rumors

IGN recently reviewed Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime, shortly after the launch of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

First, Reggie was asked to comment on the Persona 5 Switch rumor. Here’s what he has to say:

“You know, I can’t comment on that. Again, from our perspective, we’ve been clear. We want all the best content on our platform. All the best content, all the best developers. And so our job is to continue growing the install base for Nintendo Switch to drive engagement of our players, to grow the audience. As that happens, then developers see the opportunity.”

Reggie also commented on how the decision to include Joker in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was made, and how it represents the approach Masahiro Sakurai is taking with DLC content:

“It’s emblematic of the approach that Mr. Sakurai and the team are taking with the DLC. He wants characters that are unique, different, to bring them into the Smash Bros. environment. So it’s going to be tremendously exciting.

Mr. Sakurai, he’s not only a student of Nintendo franchises, and obviously he’s had his hand in a few, but he’s a student of video games from a total perspective and so he’s been the driver in really thinking about what type of character coming into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would bring just a whole different level of fun and enjoyment for the player. That’s been the approach. That’s the thinking.

I hope the fans are excited by the announcement of Joker. I hope they’re looking forward to the future announcements. I hope it gives them confidence to just go buy the Fighter Pass. That way they can get the latest fighter as soon as it’s available and continue building out their roster for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.”

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