Reggie Speaks About Nintendo Switch, Looks Forward To Robust Switch Online

Reggie Speaks About Nintendo Switch, Looks Forward To Robust Switch Online

The Nintendo Switch is a worldwide success but what does Nintendo of America’s President, Reggie Fils-Aime think about the Switch now that the Switch is more than a year old.

In the latest Issue of Game Informer, Reggie talked about Nintendo Switch’s potential, how he was always convinced that it will be able to provide new experiences for the players.

“When I first saw Nintendo Switch, I was convinced it would provide experiences never seen before. I thought the ability to take console-quality games on the go and share them with others, plus all the other new features built into the console and the Joy-Con controllers, would really change how people experience their favorite games. It enables a player to always have time to play their favorite games, and this is a powerful concept.

Of course, even when we see the potential of a system internally, we never know how the public will react to it. We saw strong reactions with the public from our very first introductory video. From there, enthusiasm built to launch and all through the 2017 holiday season. We’re truly appreciative of how fans have reacted, and we’re only getting started.”

Reggie also talked about the importance of having a strong initial first party support and that the Switch also had to gain third-party support.

More interestingly, Reggie also confirmed that the Switch supply is now strong and that there are enough Switch consoles to go around.

In addition, Reggie also said that he is looking forward to Switch Online’s launch later this year and that the system will be robust enough to support upcoming multiplayer games such as Super Smash Bros.