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5rl, krv, 4, bz, u2, Rep Kiss Coming December 20, Demo Now Live On JP eShop | NintendoSoup
Rep Kiss Coming December 20, Demo Now Live On JP eShop

Rep Kiss Coming December 20, Demo Now Live On JP eShop

The Japanese Switch eShop listing just recently revealed that Rep Kiss will be launching in Japan on 20th December.

As per the listing, the game is being offered for 4,980 yen but pre-orders will guarantee a 10 percent discount. A demo can also be downloaded so go ahead and try the game, if you must.

Rep Kiss has seen its debut back in 2016 for PC, getting PS4 and PS Vita versions a year after.

Take a look at the eShop list card and title description below:

Souji moved back to his hometown and was excited at starting a new life there, even though he was a bit saddened that it wasn’t the same as before. He went out to the convenience store to do some shopping after moving in and met a pretty girl at the entrance. She called him ‘Sou-kun’, a nickname which he hadn’t heard in a long time, and he realized that she was his childhood friend Kanade. He was surprised by how beautifully she had grown up. Their chance meeting spurred the revival of half-forgotten feelings.