Retimed Launches On Nintendo Switch Tomorrow

Retimed Launches On Nintendo Switch Tomorrow

Team Maniax has announced it’s bringing its competitive couch multiplayer game, Retimed, to the Switch eShop on September 20.

The game will be available for USD14.99 via Nintendo eShop.

Check it out below:

After starting their own game studio right after their graduation, Team Maniax has now announced the release date for their debut game Retimed. Retimed will be available on Nintendo Switch starting September 20th, at a price point of $14.99. A Steam launch will follow in 2019.


Retimed is a local multiplayer arena shooter for 2-4 players. When players are in danger, time slows down and time bubbles are formed around them. This give them enough time to react and try to dodge the deadly projectiles. These time bubbles generate exciting alternations between fast-paced movement and tension-filled slow-motion moments.

The game has recently been part of the highly curated PAX 10 line-up and was selected as a finalist for the Swiss game awards. Retimed has been well received at many events, such as Gamescom and GDC. Some players enjoyed the game so much, that they founded a national esports- league for it.


– Challenge friends and family to awesome and fast paced arena battles.

– Choose between chaotic team matches and intense free-for-all fights.

– Dash and dodge bullet clusters in nerve wrecking slow motion moments.

– Use different surroundings to outplay your opponents and enjoy the colorful world.