Retro Studios Seeking An Art Director For Metroid Prime 4

Retro Studios Seeking An Art Director For Metroid Prime 4

Retro Studios, the company behind the Metroid Prime series and now in charge of Metroid Prime 4, has put out another hiring call on their official Twitter account.

This time, Retro Studios is specifically looking for an Art Director to work on Metroid Prime 4. According to the job description, they are looking for someone who can handle the following tasks:

  • Lead the collaborative development of Metroid Prime 4‘s artistic direction.
  • Set artistic vision and provide feedback and direction to further that vision.
  • Work with Retro’s development team to make sure art priorities are effectively defined and processes meet both artistic quality and scheduling goals.
  • Collaborate between the art team and Retro’s parent company to support effective and consistent communication and art direction.

Interested applicants are to apply via the following website:

This is the second hiring call that Retro Studios has put out for Metroid Prime 4 since they were first handed the project earlier this year. Given that they still seem to be in the process of putting a team together, its likely that it will still be quite some time before we get a glimpse of what Retro has in store for the game.

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