Risk Of Rain 2 Officially Announced For Switch, Launches Summer 2019

Risk Of Rain 2 Officially Announced For Switch, Launches Summer 2019

During today’s Indie World presentation, Nintendo revealed Risk of Rain 2 will be heading to Nintendo Switch soon!

The rouge-like looter sees players landing on a deadly planet to fight with alien lifeforms of all shapes and sizes. Players will even be able to team up online with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to increase their changes of survival!

Check out the official Switch trailer below. We’ll report back if and when more details come in.

UPDATE: Here is the official press release below:

FRISCO, Texas – Aug 19, 2019 – Hopoo Games and Gearbox Publishing today revealed during Nintendo’s Indie World Presentation that Risk of Rain 2 will be launching on the Nintendo Switch. Since March 2019, Risk of Rain 2 has earned more than one million players on Steam Early Access with its co-op roguelike gameplay. Switch players can look forward to joining in on the same all-out chaos soon!

For more news on Risk of Rain 2 on Switch, check out Gearbox’s show at PAX West next week on August 30 at 1:30PM Pacific Time: https://www.twitch.tv/gearboxofficial

“We love the Nintendo Switch and actually dedicate an hour at the end of our days to play together as a team in the office,” said Duncan Drummond of Hopoo Games. “We’re excited to have it come to the Nintendo Switch earlier than planned and can’t wait to tell you all more at PAX West!”

The sequel to the beloved indie hit, Risk of Rain 2 brings 3D graphics and third-person shooter mechanics to the franchise while holding true to its roguelike roots.

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