River City Girls Receives New ‘Kyoko’ Trailer

River City Girls Receives New ‘Kyoko’ Trailer

Still want to learn more about the precocious duo of River City Girls?

WayForward has released a new trailer focusing on Kyoko, one of the game’s playable heroines. Like Misako’s trailer, this one features some of Kyoko’s fighting moves, and gives us a closer peek at her (overly) bubbly demeanor. Check it out below.

Kyoko is ready for action in River City Girls, hitting Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on Sept. 5! Compared to her BFF Misako, Kyoko is definitely the more cheerful and bubbly of the two, but don’t get her angry or she’ll knock your teeth out, especially if you mess with her boyfriend Riki. Check out her moves in this trailer! Rated E10+.

River City Girls will be hitting Nintendo Switch on 5 September 2019. We’ll report back when more details emerge.