River City Girls Receives New ‘Misako’ Trailer

River City Girls Receives New ‘Misako’ Trailer

Want to learn more about the bratty duo of River City Girls?

WayForward has released a new trailer focusing on one of the game’s playable heroines, Misako. Namely, it features some of her fighting moves, and gives us a closer peek at her prickly personality. Check it out below.

Say hello to Misako, one of the hot-blooded heroines of River City Girls! Tough, impulsive, and always ready for a fight, she’s teaming up with her best friend Kyoko to rescue her boyfriend Kunio by any means necessary when this action-packed beat-’em-up hits Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on Sept. 5! Rated E10+.

River City Girls will be hitting Nintendo Switch on 5 September 2019. We’ll report back when more details emerge.