Road To Guangdong Heads To Nintendo Switch In August 2020

Road To Guangdong Heads To Nintendo Switch In August 2020

Want to take a road trip through China? You’ll soon be able to embark on a calming journey of family and tradition next month!

Excalibur Games has announced Road to Guangdong for Nintendo Switch, which launches on 28 August 2020 for £24.99 / €29.99. A physical release of the game will also be available, and will include exclusive recipe cards along with a booklet.

In particular, the game sees players inheriting their family’s restaurant – leading them on a picturesque journey to meet all of their relatives across the Chinese mainland. Check out the official trailer with more details below:

Road to Guangdong is a whimsical exploration into Chinese culture and follows the story of a young graduate, Sunny, who has inherited the treasured family restaurant. Set against the stunning backdrop of 1990’s China, follow Sunny on the road-trip of a lifetime through picturesque lands, gathering secret family recipes that hold the key to your restaurant’s future success. Our heroine is accompanied by her aunt, Guu Ma, as they traverse Guangdong in their beloved but aging family car. Interactive conversations give a glimpse into traditional Chinese family dynamics and affect how the game plays out, ultimately impacting the success of your restaurant. This unique and visually stimulating story arrives on August 28.

The story has been written by the acclaimed author Yen Ooi who brings her unique style and insight to deliver authenticity and a truly immersive experience:

“Though diversity and inclusivity are terms that are at the tip of everyone’s tongues today, it is still rare to see true engagement with it. I know that the game will only be a glimpse into Chinese culture, but I hope that it is enough to open up a new world of experiences that are more engaging on a human level and less about the entertainment tropes that encourage stereotypes.”