Roah Heads To Nintendo Switch On November 3, 2020

Roah Heads To Nintendo Switch On November 3, 2020

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign last year, it looks like Roah is now on its way to Nintendo fans!

Grynsoft has confirmed that the action-platforming game will be hitting the Switch eShop on 3 November 2020. The game blends a big open-world with fighting-game combat mechanics, and follows the young Roah as she journeys to uncover what is draining her planet’s lifeforce!

Check out an earlier trailer of the game below, along with more details:

Unique fighting-game inspired combat, tons of abilities and trinkets that will power you up as you smash through tough boss fights.

A great unknown danger is approaching Roah’s home planet. Follow Roah as she explores the world and encounters all of its different factions, uncovering the mystery of what is draining the planets lifeforce.

Roah has a big open world with new abilities, skills and moves to obtain and master. It features unique fighting-game inspired combat with tons of different moves to perform.

Features include:

  • Expressive and flexible combat system.
  • Non-linear adventure path.
  • Unique and challenging boss battles.
  • Diverse environments.
  • Obtain new forms to solve puzzles and overcome the environment.
  • Casual mode for a an easier playthrough.