Rocket League- Radical Summer Culture Phase Now Live

Rocket League- Radical Summer Culture Phase Now Live

Radical Summer’s Culture celebration is now live on all platforms! Check out what to expect in the second phase of Radical Summer below:

Spike Rush Game Mode – Spike Rush is a 3v3 mode where each player has the Spike power-up from Rumble Mode that can be activated to carry the ball up field.

New Culture Items in Radical Summer Event Store – New in-game items highlighting the iconic culture of the ‘80s, like the Brick Phone Topper and Cassette Wheels, will be available in Radical Summer’s Event Store.

Event items can be redeemed with Radical Summer’s Cassettes earned through playing Online Matches. Once Culture ends, the event store will refresh with new items for the Television celebration of Radical Summer (don’t worry though, there’ll be a chance to redeem all items after Radical Summer concludes).

The Culture phase of Radical Summer is now live until July 22.

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