Romance Visual Novel TroubleDays Heads To Nintendo Switch In Japan On July 9

Romance Visual Novel TroubleDays Heads To Nintendo Switch In Japan On July 9

Looking for another fluffy dose of fictional love in your gaming hours? Well, here’s another interactive story from Japan that might pique your interest!

Qureate, the publishers behind NinNinDays, Prison Princess, and NekoMiko, will be bringing the raunchy romance visual novel TroubleDays to Nintendo Switch on 9 July 2020 in Japan, for 800 yen. It will include English subtitle support, if you’re too impatient to wait for a western eShop release.

Check out an earlier trailer from Steam below, along with a quick synopsis:


Cohabitation with a naive succubus?! In this love-adventure game set in Akihabara, you can enjoy the sweetly thrilling and slightly naughty day-to-day life with an innocent succubus!

The “E-mote” engine that can move illustrations smoothly and three-dimensionally is used for standing pictures in the game. The characters displayed on the screen move as if they were alive.


“The creatures of the demon world known as “”succubus”” use a male’s sexual energy, his “”technoforce”” as their nourishment.
One day, one such succubus known as “”Lovelia”” appears suddenly before the main character to steal the power of his lust, known as his “”technoforce””.

Considered to be one of the greatest beauties in 1000 years, Lovelia may look bewitching, but the truth is that this is her first ever work assignment and she is very naive when it comes to men.

Lovelia tries again and again to steal away his technoforce, but her innocence gets in the way of any real progress.

Unless Lovelia succeeds in harvesting the technoforce of the one she has chosen to possess, she can’t return home to the demon world, nor can she possess another man. …Lovelia finds herself stuck living together with the main character.”

“Can Lovelia successfully harvest technoforce?!

Set in Akihabara, the awkwardly funny and slightly naughty new life of one naive succubus begins!”