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iat, z2o, ao, 6db, jqg, c, RPG Maker MV Players Furious After Finding Out It Takes 180 Days To Unlock Everything | NintendoSoup
RPG Maker MV Players Furious After Finding Out It Takes 180 Days To Unlock Everything

RPG Maker MV Players Furious After Finding Out It Takes 180 Days To Unlock Everything

RPG Maker MV, which launched for Nintendo Switch in Japan a month ago, has login rewards for players who check in to the game’s “Creation Plaza” every single day.

Before the game launched, it was assumed that the login rewards would stop after players log in consecutively for 10 days. This was inferred from the screenshot provided on the official website. Login rewards include materials which players can use in their games, such as background music, sound effects, and animations.

Well it appears that wasn’t the case. A new set of login rewards are unlocked after logging in for the 10th consecutive day, revealing to players they have to log in for another 170 consecutive days to unlock every single reward in RPG Maker MV.

Many Japanese players were upset and furious by the login rewards, as many said this stressed them out and Kadokawa Games shouldn’t have done this as RPG Maker MV is after all, a full priced game and not a F2P game.

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