Rumor: 2K Games’ Upcoming Games Include XCOM Style Marvel Superheroes Title And More

Rumor: 2K Games’ Upcoming Games Include XCOM Style Marvel Superheroes Title And More

With E3 fast approaching, a new rumor has surfaced detailing what publisher 2K Games might be revealing at this year’s show.

The rumor was shared by Reddit user “swine_flu_greg”, who claims that his source has “seen trailers and/or promotional material” of the following titles from the company:

  • NBA 2K22: Dirk Nowitzki will be this years cover athlete. EDIT: Could be the cover of another Legend Edition, with other athletes on other editions, as some in the comments have mentioned.

  • Wonderlands: Codename Daffodil – It’s a Borderlands spin-off title featuring Tiny Tina. The final name could also be “Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands” (as this is the name that Gearbox already trademarked.) Seems to be the same style as all other Borderlands games with “Multiclass-Heroes” to play as. This spin-off is rumoured since last year, so I guess this isn’t really new. Reveal should be expected at E3. EDIT: Here’s the trademark for Wonderlands

  • New Firaxis Game: Codename CODA – New turn-based action game using Marvel property. Source described it as “XCOM with Marvel heroes”. Seems like some famous actors are voicing the characters.

  • Codename Volt: New action game, seems to be in really early development. Logo looks similar to the Fallout-Logo. No final name yet. Source described it as “Cthulhu meets Saints Row”. Game looked pretty unfinished in the trailer. Sadly, my source didn’t know which studio is developing this title. I think it could be Hangar13, as they had a leaked contract last year that stated that they are working on a “open-world sci-fi title with supernatural elements”.

Out of the four games rumored, perhaps one of the most intriguing is the new “XCOM Style” turn-based action game based on Marvel Superheroes being worked on by Firaxis. Firaxis is known for being the developer behind the Civilization series as well as some recent XCOM titles like XCOM 2: Collection, both of which have some presence on Switch.

As for the rumor as a whole, it has received some degree of endorsement from notable industry insiders such as Jeff Grubb and Jason Schreier, suggesting that it could be legitimate. Nevertheless, we caution readers to take these reveals with a grain of salt, and we will be sure to report back with more details as they come.

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