Rumor: Alan Wake Remake In The Works For Switch

Rumor: Alan Wake Remake In The Works For Switch

Today we have an interesting rumor about another potential revival of a cult-classic game coming to Nintendo Switch.

The game is Alan Wake, an action-adventure thriller game developed by Remedy Entertainment. Although the game has mostly been forgotten in recent years, it received rave reviews for its visuals, sound and atmosphere during its release.

However, that may all be about to change if this new theory from Youtuber Doctre81 is to be believed. According to Doctre81, Remedy Entertainment may be teaming up with fellow developer Virtuos on an Alan Wake remake.

The theory is based on details published by a former employee of Virtuos mentioning an “unannounced 3A Action-Adventure game remake” for consoles, along with the Virtuos having previously worked with Remedy on projects such as Quantum Break.

You can check out Doctre81’s full explanation of his theory in the videos below:

As with all speculation and rumors of this nature, we caution our readers to take this theory with a grain of salt. We will report back on this story when official information becomes available.

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