Rumor: Dataminers Discover Clues For Possible DLC Characters For Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Rumor: Dataminers Discover Clues For Possible DLC Characters For Fire Emblem: Three Houses

We know from previous announcements that post-launch DLC for Fire Emblem: Three Houses will include new playable characters. Now, dataminers may have found some clues as to exactly which characters will be included in that DLC.

This information comes via Youtuber Deathchaos, spoke to USgamer about what he and his fellow dataminers found while poking through the game. One of their latest breakthroughs was figuring out how to access characters that could not be recruited normally by playing the game. These characters included Anna, Jeralt and Sothis.

You can check out a video of their experiments below, as posted by Deathchaos.

For Deathchaos and the others, Sothis was the character who they found was the most interesting. This is because hidden within the data were her voice lines for combat and leveling up, as well as support for classes and activities like normal students. It is believed that among all the characters which they played around with, Sothis is the one that was most likely playable at some point, or planned to be added in future DLC.

That said, Deathchaos is confident that they have only scratched the surface of what is hidden in the game. Sothis may be the one with the most evidence behind her so far, but there is still plenty more for dataminers to dig through.

So far Sothis seems to be the only unique discovery in Three Houses, but that’s not to say more like her don’t exist since there exist literally thousands of character entries that we have not yet figured out who they belong to

As with all rumors of this nature, we caution our readers to take this with a grain of salt. Plans may change, ideas may be scrapped and tossed aside, so we likely won’t know exactly what the developers have in store until they decide to share.  We will continue to monitor this story, and bring more information as it comes.

What do you think? Which non-playable character from Fire Emblem: Three Houses would you want to see playable? Let us know in the comments.