Rumor: Diablo III amiibo Could Be Announced This Week

Rumor: Diablo III amiibo Could Be Announced This Week

Dataminers have found traces of two Diablo III amiibo in the upcoming Diablo III: Eternal Collection for Nintendo Switch.

In the game code, Diablo III: Eternal Collection currently supports three types of amiibo – default/generic amiibo, Treasure Goblin amiibo, and Demon amiibo. When the first two types of amiibo are used, a portal will be spawned leading players to a secret location. Dataminers are unsure what that location is, as it’s controlled by the server. When the Demon amiibo is used in the game, a powerful demon will be summoned on the map.

Currently, it is unclear whether the Treasure Goblin amiibo and Demon amiibo are completely new amiibo or simply categories for other The Legend of Zelda amiibo compatible with Diablo III: Eternal Collection. Given that Blizzcon is happening later this week (November 2 and November 3), who knows, we might see the amiibo announced on stage.

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