Rumor: E3 2020 Possibly Cancelled, Announcement To Be Released Soon

Rumor: E3 2020 Possibly Cancelled, Announcement To Be Released Soon

Just recently, whispers of E3 2020 cancellation have circulated over the social media and insiders from the gaming industry seem to be waiting for an official confirmation from the Entertainment Software Association (ESA).

According to journalist Mike Futter, his sources told him that an impending announcement confirming the cancellation of one of the major gaming events this 2020 is about to be disclosed any time soon. Futter even advised to cancel any E3 2020 plans, moving forward.

Further, Jason Schreier also revealed on his Twitter account that he heard about the possible cancellation from among the several developers and publishers, but noted that ESA is still consulting the industry and is yet to make a decision. Shcreier also shared Devolver Digital’s tweet announcing on social media to cancel E3 2020 flight and hotel bookings.

Last week, ESA confirmed that E3 2020 will still push through this year, despite the coronavirus outbreak worldwide, while stating that the association is still watching the situation very closely.

E3 has always been held at Los Angeles. However, the Los Angeles’ local government has already declared a state of emergency due to a confirmed coronavirus case. It is possible that the association is now seriously assessing the recent events related to the global health concern and is set to announce their decision soon.