Rumor: Nintendo Forced Amazon To Scrap Prime Discounts

Rumor: Nintendo Forced Amazon To Scrap Prime Discounts

Earlier this year, Amazon announced it’d pull the plug on its popular 20% discount for video games in its Amazon Prime program.

While many believed scrapping the discount was inevitable due to the discontinuation of Best Buy’s Gamer’s Club Unlocked program, video game industry analyst Michael Pachter thinks otherwise.

In one of Pachter’s videos, the analyst claimed Nintendo was very unhappy with the 20% Prime discount Amazon was offering. This should be no surprise as Amazon doesn’t really have a good relationship with Nintendo for some time.

To show that they were against the idea, Nintendo withheld stock of new releases from Amazon. Amazon only received new releases two weeks after launch. Several publishers caught wind of this and started to do the same as well.

As Nintendo and Amazon have not commented on the matter, we wouldn’t know whether it’s 100% true. Perhaps the same might had happened with Best Buy earlier this year.

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