Rumor: Pokemon GO Gen IV Event Happening Next Week

Rumor: Pokemon GO Gen IV Event Happening Next Week

A new rumor about a Pokemon GO Generation IV Evolution Event has surfaced on Reddit this weekend.

The rumor comes from Reddit user HiddenLeaker. In case you’ve never heard of HiddenLeaker, he’s the same person who leaked details on Pokemon GO’s Water Festival and got everything correct.

Now let’s get to the meat of this rumor. HiddenLeaker was informed by his contacts at Niantic that an Evolution Event is happening next week and it’ll feature Generation IV evolutions of previous Generation Pokemon. Pokemon named specifically are Magmortar, Electrivire and Rhyperior.

HiddenLeaker also revealed new evolution items such as elemental stones will be added at the same time, and a list of many other changes:

  • Gen 4 evolutions of previous gen pokemon (they mentioned Magmortar, Electrivire and Rhyperior specifically) (note: this looks like the first wave of gen 4, just like babies were in gen 2 and halloween in gen 3)

  • New evolution items, including elemental stones (not sure about this, they never had fire stone and such so I’m confused)

  • Double XP for evolving and spinning pokestops

  • Pokemon max storage increased to 2000

  • Increased rate of evolution items from pokestops

  • Increased spawn rate of evolved pokemon

  • Gen 3 evolutions finally released in the wild (except Milotic)

  • New quests that reward evolution items

  • New raids with previous evolution item pokemon (they mention Scizor as example)

  • New shop boxes with lucky eggs and raid passes

  • We will get a new update before the event

The leaker also says this is “too good to be true” but we’ll see what happens next week.

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