Rumor: Pokemon Sword And Shield To Feature Regional Evolutions, Camping, And Third Evil Legendary

Rumor: Pokemon Sword And Shield To Feature Regional Evolutions, Camping, And Third Evil Legendary

Today we have an interesting piece of news to share with fans of Pokemon Sword and Shield.

As you know, The Pokemon Company announced a new battle mechanic called Gigantamaxing as well as NPCs such as Chairman Rose and his secretary Oleana. What you probably didn’t know is these details, along with other information previously revealed in June, were leaked on 4chan in late May 2019.

Now that the Pokemon Direct in June and yesterday’s Pokemon Sword and Shield news have proven that part of the leak is true, we can now look at the various pieces of information that aren’t officially announced yet.

First, the leaker revealed that the protagonist will not only face off against their rival Hop, but also two other characters called Bede and Marnie. The villainous team in the Galar region is called Team Yell, who are “well meaning fans of Marnie” causing trouble.

Next, we find out that there is a third Legendary Pokemon in the game called Eternatus who is an “evil Legendary Pokemon”. We also find out that Pikachu, Lapras, and Meowth have Gigantamax forms. When Gigantamaxed, Pikachu looks like a “retro fat Pikachu”, Lapras’ shell is surrounded by “layers of musical bars and musical notes”, and Meowth becomes a “long cat”.

Similar to the Alola region, there are Galar forms exclusive to the Galar region. The leaker pointed out Farfetch’d could evolve into the Galar form Sirfetch’d, while Meowth’s Galar form looks like “a  ball of spiky grey fur”.

The leaker also mentioned two chipmunk Pokemon that live in the berry trees of the Galar region. The Pokemon are called Skwovet and Greedunt. They will randomly attack the player should they shake too many berry trees, and the player will also lose half the berries dropped from trees if these Pokemon attack them.

Also revealed was a new mechanic called Camping, a new way to improve the bonds between Pokemon and trainers. Two toys, a feather toy, and a toy Poke Ball will be given to the player to play with their Pokemon and raise their friendship level. You can also make curry to raise friendship.

Also mentioned are the final evolutions for the Galar region starters, Fairy Gym, and more details below:

To become part of the gym challenge, you will have to get an endorsement. Bede gets an endorsement from Chairman Rose and his secretary Oleana

Sonia is Leon’s former rival who is researching the dynamax phenomenon at the behest of her grandmother and professor of the game.

The fourth gym is the first Fairy type gym, led by an actress named Opal. Milo, Nessa, and Kabu are the first ones.

Before fighting the gym leaders, you have to complete the gym challenges.

  • Milo has you herding sheep pokemon named Wooloo, but Pamper, electric corgi pokemon, will startle them and send them rolling elsewhere.

  • Nessa has you running through a maze where water blocks the way

  • Kabu requires you to catch pokemon and get 5 points, but you have to be in a party battle with another trainer who’s also trying to catch it

While there is a transit system, you will have to go through the Wild Area at times, an open world biome that has a weather system and little pockets where wild pokemon dynamax and have to be beaten in a for person raid. You will randomly see nearby players and interact with them to get their league cards and items

Pokémon will not walk beside you in the overworld map

Scorbunny will have fighting moves, but is pure fighter. It becomes Raboot, but I don’t remember the final evolution, except that it looks like a fighter. It looks humanoid

Sobble becomes Sizzile and then Intelleon, a chameleon with a spy theme

Grookey will end up as a giant gorilla that beats a wood drum to attack.

There’s a lot I’m missing, but I wasn’t planning on leaking until now. I’m angry and upset, and while I liked what I saw, I didn’t get too far.

The best Pokémon so far is the blue seagull who when it dives, either gets a barracuda in its mouth or a pikachu, which it launches at its enemy

Please remember that though the information leaked is very likely to be true, we are marking this as a rumor until The Pokemon Company makes an official announcement.

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