Rumor: Sonic Joining Funko Pop Cereal Line

Rumor: Sonic Joining Funko Pop Cereal Line

We have some potentially interesting news for any Sonic fans who also happen to be avid Funko Pop collectors and cereal enthusiasts.

Disfunko has leaked the following image for what appears to be a new addition to Funko’s “FunkO’s” brand of cereal. Launched last year, each box of FunkO’s contains several ounces of edible cereal, along with a slightly less edible Funko Pop figure. According to Disfunko, this new Sonic themed box of FunkO’s will be available for purchase at Gamestop once its released.

The inclusion of Sonic in the FunkO’s lineup is not all that surprising, as several other videogame icons have already received a similar cereal box treatment. Past releases of FunkO’s have featured Pac-Man, Megaman, and even Cuphead.

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That said, we caution readers to take this leak with a grain of salt, and await official confirmation before getting too excited about getting their hands on this unique Sonic-themed merch.

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