Rumour: New Nintendo 3DS XL Discontinued In Europe

Rumour: New Nintendo 3DS XL Discontinued In Europe

With the success of the Nintendo Switch, it is only natural for Nintendo to turn its eyes from the aging 3DS to it. Despite Nintendo’s insistence that the 3DS is still a major market for them, there are rumours spreading in Europe that the Nintendo 3DS XL is already retiring.

In a Resetera thread, forumn user Shiggy observed that Nintendo has already stop distributing the New Nintendo 3DS XL products to retailers and distributors and that going forward Nintendo will be supporting their 2DS lineup instead.

The marketing over the past few months made this evident already as only the 2DS and 2DS XL showed up in ads. But I just got hold of the latest Nintendo product list (i.e. a list of products retailers and distributors can purchase from Nintendo of Europe or affiliated companies) and the last two Nintendo 3DS XL products (Samus and SNES LEs) have vanished. Only 2DS bundles and the 4 New Nintendo 2DS XL bundles are available now.

If you still want a New Nintendo 3DS XL, then you may want to get one now. The standard editions are already gone on major online shops. This is pretty much the same way the New Nintendo 3DS disappeared.

When the 3DS first launch, the 3D feature of the 3DS was marketted as the unique settling point of the system. Although the feature was not suitable for 7 years and below, and gave some people a splitting headache, it persisted until the launch of the 2DS. Most of the Nintendo 3DS’s games do not even require the use of its 3D features, most evidently the mainline Pokemon game, who even made the overworld 2D.

If the rumours are true, fans who have yet got a 3DS should hurry before it disappears for good. You can follow the Resetera thread here.