Samurai Shodown Receives Kyoshiro Character Trailer

Samurai Shodown Receives Kyoshiro Character Trailer

SNK has unveiled the sixteenth character-focused trailer for the upcoming Samurai Shodown reboot on consoles.

This next trailer features Kyoshiro – a master in the ancient art of Kabuki. His fighting style includes some pretty long-ranged slices, thanks in part to his trusty naginata in hand!

Check him out in action below:

Kyoshiro is a historic example of the artistic rebel of his time era. He has a bold charisma that attracts a lot of fans to his plays. Although he practices theater, he is bored of the rigid structure and is always on the hunt for a new, exciting dance.

Samurai Shodown will be hitting Nintendo Switch sometime in Winter 2019.

While we await more news, check out previous character trailers below: