See This Clean Repackage Of An Old SNES Console

See This Clean Repackage Of An Old SNES Console

The SNES was a piece of work, sure it yellowed as it ages, but that’s what makes the wine great right?

However, what if you want a clean SNES classic that feels cleanly modern. Rose Colored Gaming thinks they have the set up you want. Although they have been doing it for a couple of years now, it still looks very sleek and modernish clean.

The best thing is that everything that is in the transparent casings once existed inside an actual SNES.

These SNES consoles* have been treated to a 100% brand new, hand-built exterior, all while retaining complete original function.  Each is assembled by hand with the care and attention to detail that you have come to expect from RCG.  The housing consists of laser cut and etched acrylic components which have been drilled, bent, bonded, threaded, & assembled using all new anodized aluminum hardware.  Many internal components have been slathered in various finishes then etched in order to accentuate items which were never meant to be seen.  All hand-built, these units will only be available in VERY limited quantities upon release, with each being treated to a unique serial number.

*This product employs original Nintendo hardware.  We only source units which have extensive exterior damage, the likes of which leave each unit in an otherwise irreparable state.

If you would like to know more about the refurbished console, you can head to RCG’s website here.