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Plans To Focus On Existing IP And Multiplatform Moving Forward | NintendoSoup
Sega Plans To Focus On Existing IP And Multiplatform Moving Forward

Sega Plans To Focus On Existing IP And Multiplatform Moving Forward

Last month, Sega published their fiscal results for March 2019, detailing their earnings for 2018 and their plans for the company’s future.

According to the briefing, Sega’s yearly profit dropped by over 70%, which is “significantly below the initial plan” and “due to deterioration of business environment and lack of hit titles” according to the company. Other reasons suggested for this drop in profits include market miscalculations, poor sales and delayed release dates.

Moving forward, Sega plans to refocus their priorities and take the following steps to recover from this setback:

– Narrow down the number of new titles
– Focus on existing successful IPs (e.g. Persona, Yakuza, Sonic)
– Take a multiplatform approach
– Three unannounced projects (including a new Yakuza game)

What do you think of Sega’s strategies? Let us know in the comments below.