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xi, h, bd, w2x, d, rdz, ce, s, e, SEGA: We Have Exciting News For Sonic's 30th Anniversary That We Can't Wait To Share | NintendoSoup
SEGA: We Have Exciting News For Sonic’s 30th Anniversary That We Can’t Wait To Share

SEGA: We Have Exciting News For Sonic’s 30th Anniversary That We Can’t Wait To Share

As many Sonic fans will know, 2021 will mark the 30th anniversary of the franchise in Japan. While we’re still in the dark about how SEGA will commemorate this milestone, it looks like we can expect a fun surprise next year!

In a recent interview with GamingTrend, SEGA Chief Brand Officer Ivo Gerscovich discussed about the future of the Sonic series and the recent success of the Sonic movie. When asked about Sonic’s upcoming 30th birthday, however, he also teased something on the horizon for fans of the series:

“Yes! We have some exciting news that we can’t wait to share. But you’ll have to stay tuned for details…”

“Stay tuned our friends, Sonic’s just getting started…….”

Of course, he didn’t reveal anything further – but this is the first notable mention of something in the works for Sonic’s 30th anniversary! We’ll keep an eye out and report back when we hear more in the future!

What do YOU think SEGA will reveal for Sonic’s 3oth anniversary next year? A new game? Feel free to share your thoughts below!