Senran Kagura Producer Talks About Nintendo Warming Up To Fan Service, Much More

Senran Kagura Producer Talks About Nintendo Warming Up To Fan Service, Much More

Fans of Nintendo consoles should be no stranger to the Senran Kagura series. The ecchi game franchise has sold millions since first releasing on the Nintendo 3DS.

In an interview with DualShockers, Senran Kagura Producer, Kenichiro Takaki spoke about a variety of topics with regards to the series. One of the interesting things that were covered was Nintendo’s changing attitude towards the franchise. The fan-service heavy franchise was initially met with heavy hesitations but as the franchise continued to do well on the market, the series eventually got support from Nintendo. Which was a surprise considering Nintendo’s conservative nature.

Since the games are on Switch, Takaki-san mentioned that in the past Nintendo was a bit against the idea of fanservice, but as the partnership on Senran Kagura progressed and the series started selling, now they’re just like “Go Takaki! Let’s do it!” Of course, he was talking about the Japanese branch of the company, and Takaki-san doesn’t know if the same goes for Nintendo of America. Luckily nowadays the Switch is region free.

Also talked about in the interview was Takaki’s amazement with the 3D rumble, and although it was hard to create, the unique experience was totally worth it in the end

With two games coming being developed for Nintendo Switch, we asked Takaki-san to talk more about it. He really likes the HD Rumble system, as it’s completely different from typical vibration. It was really challenging to create something that fits it, but it’ll be a completely new feeling when players try it out.

The producer also touched upon the series’ female fans and how he would like to do something for them if he could understand what they really wanted.

Asked whether meeting so many ladies among the fans inspired him to make games that would be more attractive to a female audience, Takaki-san mentioned that he would like to try something like that. Yet, he still doesn’t fully understand what female fans want, so he wants to investigate on what they’re looking for in a game first. He wouldn’t want to start such a project before he completely understands what the female audience.

The lengthy interview in DualShockers contained a couple of other interesting tidbits such as the series’ future on other consoles such as the Xbox, as well as, how Takaki would like the series to progress. If you are a huge fan of the series, it is really worth a read. You can find the interview here.