Serious “Pokemon killing” bug in Pokemon Go

Serious “Pokemon killing” bug in Pokemon Go

A significant number of people have started voicing on Reddit a potentially “Pokemon Killing” bug.  According to Reddit user LimboMon, the serious bug in the game happens when adding Pokemon to gyms. The Pokemon is then marked as a gym defender, yet is not actually assigned to defending the gym. This makes it impossible to redeploy the said Pokemon, potentially forever if a solution is not found.

You can read his Reddit report here:

PSA: There is a serious bug that can happen when adding Pokemon to gyms. The Pokemon is marked as a defender, but isn’t assigned to the gym, making it completely unusable for the indefinite future. There is currently no solution to this. from TheSilphRoad

LimboMon is not the only one that seems to be affected by the bug as he cites a list of others who have also encountered it. However, the good thing is that Niantic is currently aware of the situation and hopefully will be able to fix the bug soon. In a response on Reddit, Niantic support staff, NianticGeorge has this to say:

/u/LimboMon, thanks for detailing this issue. We’ve seen a handful of reports of this bug previously but we hadn’t been able to confirm that it was a persistent issue. This certainly sounds like a persistent issue from your experience and the reports you compiled. I’ll share this information with our team.

While this should not stop or deter you from defending those gyms, players should note that the above can happen. Players may consider sending expendable Pokemon to defend gyms should they be afraid to lose their precious Partners.