[UPDATE] Shovel Knight Board Game Kickstarter Launches July 2nd

[UPDATE] Shovel Knight Board Game Kickstarter Launches July 2nd

Yacht Club Games and Panda Cult Games have announced that a Kickstarter for an official Shovel Knight board game will be going live on July 2nd.

The game is called “Shovel Knight: Dungeon Duels” and supports up to 4 players. The game has you take control of Shovel Knight as he traverses deadly obstacles to battle The Order of No Quarter, collecting treasure along the way. The set will include around 36 miniatures of characters from the games, including Shovel Knight, Plague Knight, King Knight, and Spectre Knight.

You can check out the announcement tweet below, along with a short gif of how the game is played:

Currently, there have been no further details released about the backer rewards or when the game can be expected to come out. These details and more will likely be shared when the Kickstarter officially launches on July 2nd, and we will bring more details as they come.

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UPDATE: The Kickstarter is now live. If you’re interested in supporting this project or finding out more, you can find the it here.