Skipmore Has No Plans To Make Kamiko 2

Skipmore Has No Plans To Make Kamiko 2

When the Nintendo Switch first released in 2017, one of the digital titles popular with fans was a pixel adventure called Kamiko, which sold over 100,000 units worldwide.

Many Kamiko fans have begged Skipmore to make a sequel to the game, but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be happening. Skipmore has reaffirmed on Twitter that he does not plan on making a sequel to Kamiko.

The reason is simple (as translated by NintendoSoup) – if Skipmore wanted to make a Kamiko sequel, it would inherit both the good and bad aspects of Kamiko, and that’s something he does not want to do. Neither does he want players to compare the two.

Although there are no plans to make a Kamiko 2, Skipmore thought of making a top-down action game that is similar to Kamiko. He shared pictures of a couple of sprites that he created 2 years ago for that project:

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