Slowpoke Prefecture Is No Longer An April Fool’s Joke

Slowpoke Prefecture Is No Longer An April Fool’s Joke

A couple of days earlier, Kagawa Prefecture from Japan and The Pokemon Company teamed up to rename Kagawa Prefecture into Slowpoke Prefecture. It was an elaborate April Fool’s joke.

Turns out that the April Fool’s joke… is no longer an April Fool’s joke. The Pokemon Company and Kagawa Prefecture have announced a “Slowpoke Paradise” campaign that will be kicking off on April 12, 2018 to April 30. It will involve some of the things that you saw in the Slowpoke Prefecture April Fool’s joke.

Here’s the full rundown:

1. Win fantastic prizes! Udon Prefecture X Slowpoke Stamp Rally

A stamp rally event will be held in Kagawa prefecture. Participants will have to collect stamps from various tourist attractions, establishments, and Udon restaurants. Mail in the stamps you have collected to enter a lottery to win a Papier Mache Slowpoke and Slowpoke Uchiwa (fan). The stamp rally book can be found inside the “Udon Prefecture X Slowpoke : Slowpoke Paradise in Kagawa” leaflet.

2. A large amount of Slowpoke in Udon Prefecture!? Pokemon GO AR Photo Contest

During the Slowpoke Paradise event, a large amount of Slowpoke will appear in the wild in Pokemon GO across Kagawa. To enter the AR Photo Contest, take an AR Photo with Slowpoke in Pokemon GO, upload the photo to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #yadonken. 10 winners will receive a Papier Mache Slowpoke (Sleeping Version) and Slowpoke Uchiwa (fan).

3. Limited time offer! Udon Prefecture X Slowpoke Collaboration Merchandise on sale!

During the April Fool’s joke video, Slowpoke Udon was introduced for the very first time. You can now get your hands on these limited edition rare Udon featuring Slowpoke in real life! The Slowpoke Udon comes in two different packaging, but the contents (pink Udon and white Udon) remain the same.


Another special food introduced during the video were Slowpoke Wasanbon (Japanese refined sugar). Wasanbon is a traditional souvenir that has been produced in Kagawa for over 200 years. For the first time, you can purchase Wasanbon in special Slowpoke packaging as shown below.

Here are the list of stores which will be offering Slowpoke merchandise in Kagawa:

Stores which offer Slowpoke Udon and Slowpoke Wasanbon
・Pokemon Center Branch Office in JR Takamatsu Station(temporary set up)
・Takamatsu Airport – 2nd Floor Domestic Flight Departure Lobby Store
・Kagawa Product Hall Ritsurinan(
・Kawadaseimen(※ Slowpoke Udon only
・Baikoudou(※ Wasanbon Slowpoke Box, Small Bag only
・Mitani Sugar Manufacture Hanesanuki Main Store(※ Hanesanuki Slowpoke Only
・Pokemon Store Aeon Mall Okayama, Pokemon Store Emifuru MASAKI
※There are currently no plans to offer Slowpoke merchandise through mail order/online.
※There may be a limit on quantity of items purchased.

4. Get Pokemon products in Kagawa prefecture! Pokemon Center Branch Office in JR Takamatsu Station

A temporary Pokemon Center will be established at JR Takamatsu Station during the campaign period. Customers can purchase Slowpoke merchandise from the Pokemon Center Branch Office.

Location: JR Takamatsu Station (Concourse)

Days in operation: April 12, 14, 15, 21, 22, 28, 29, 30

Business hours: 10am to 5pm

5. Take a photo with Governor Slowpoke! Slowpoke comes to Kagawa to play.

Governor Slowpoke which appeared in the April Fool’s joke video has come to Kagawa to play. As Slowpoke is an easygoing Pokemon, unfortunately it won’t be able to perform or dance.

Location: JR Takamatsu Station (concourse) * In the event of rain or other conditions, the venue will be changed to Sunport Takamatsu Maritime Plaza Takamatsu 1st Floor Food Court

Days: April 12, 14, 21, 22, 28, 29, 30 * On April 15, Governor Slowpoke will appear at Pikara Stadium instead.

Time of appearance (planned): 10:30, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00 (each session will last for around 15 minutes)

6. Take a commemorative Slowpoke photo! Slowpoke Photo Stands debut across Kagawa prefecture

Udon Prefecture X Slowpoke Photo Stands have appeared in Kagawa City. You can place your face in the Photo Stand to look like Slowpoke. There are three photo stands in the city from April 12 to April 30, 2018.

7. Let’s fully enjoy Kagawa Prefecture! Kotoden 1 Day Excursion Ticket goes on sale

From April 12 to April 30, special Slowpoke design Kotoden Train 1 Day Excursion Tickets will be available in Kagawa prefecture. They come in two variations – adult (1230 yen) and children (620 yen). The ticket allows visitors to use Kotoden Trains for the entire 24 hours without any limit.

For more information on Slowpoke Paradise, check out the official Japanese website here. Let us know what you think about it!