Smite’s God Reveal For Merlin: The 100th Character In The Game

Smite’s God Reveal For Merlin: The 100th Character In The Game

Smite has released the God Reveal for their newest character, Merlin and he looks epic.

Merlin is the newest member of the Arthurian Pantheon and is a stance switching mage.

Below is the background of Merlin according to folklore which Smite bases itself off of.

The game is still in closed beta for Switch but we will be updating you once it is officially released.

Merlin is the most legendary wizard of all time. He is rumored to be part demon, but much of his history is unknown. Merlin is most renowned for the work he did with the Pendragon family. He helped Uther rise to power and after Uther fell in battle, Merlin mentored the young King Arthur.

Before he met Uther, Merlin advised many other rulers. One king was struggling to build a tower that would just keep crumbling. Merlin was able to prophesize the root of this problem: Dragons. Few believed him at first but a cave was discovered below the tower and two mighty dragons were found to be battling each other in the depths.

This act of discovering the dragons brought Merlin much fame, and no one questioned his magical ability after that. He went on to become a master of magic, in all its forms.

Most importantly, he is SMITE’s 100th god!