Sneak peek at Pokemon GO with ARKit improvements

Sneak peek at Pokemon GO with ARKit improvements

Earlier this week at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), Apple announced ARKit, a new tool for developers to enhance augmented reality experiences on iOS 11.

Pokemon GO will be one of the titles utilizing ARKit to improve encounter mode and other features. For instance, if the camera is facing towards the ground, Pikachu will appear “standing” on it, giving it more realism.

More details will be released in the future, but you can have a sneak peek with the screenshots below.


As you probably already caught in the news, we are currently at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Jose, California to reveal how we are working on enhancing Pokémon GO’s augmented reality features even more with Apple’s new ARKit for developers being released with iOS 11 this fall.

Utilizing this exciting advance in AR, we are working to create new, fun and innovative ways to place Pokémon in the world around you, to view Pokémon, and to use your phone camera to capture the moment. The digital world will overlay the real world in more detailed and accurate ways and you will be able to interact with Pokémon in a more immersive and life-like fashion. For a sneak peek into how these advances may be applied to Pokémon GO in the future, see the screenshots below to get an early look into what’s currently possible in the Pokémon GO ARKit tech demo.

In addition to this week’s announcements with Apple, we have a lot to celebrate these days, as we are also planning for an epic summer in the northern hemisphere, which we’ll be sharing more details on shortly.

We can’t wait to tell you more about the new AR features and to share an even more engaging Pokémon GO experience soon!