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z, zl, pg, 0, 7e, cm, 0ue, p, 5q4, rpo, q, xl1, 3p6, 1c, SNK 40th Anniversary Collection 11 DLC Titles Now Available For Free | NintendoSoup
SNK 40th Anniversary Collection 11 DLC Titles Now Available For Free

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection 11 DLC Titles Now Available For Free

NIS America has released eleven free bonus titles for SNK 40th Anniversary Collection on Nintendo Switch today.

Nine of the titles will be added to the game via a free update, while Beast Busters and SAR: Search and Rescue could be downloaded for free on the Nintendo eShop under the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection store page.

Full details below:

Get ready to be hit with a bout of nostalgia with the 11 free bonus titles for SNK 40th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION for Nintendo Switch™, available today! Dive into a bit of history with Ozma Wars, SNK’s very first shooting game, or traverse through history itself to find your missing comrades in Time Soldiers! The full list of titles is as follows:

Munch Mobile
Sasuke vs. Commander
Chopper I
Time Soldiers
Bermuda Triangle
Paddle Mania
Ozma Wars
Beast Busters

SAR: Search and Rescue
World Wars

9 are available via patch, while Beast Busters and SAR: Search and Rescue will be available as a free DLC bundle on the Nintendo eShop under SNK 40th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION’s store page.

So what are you waiting for? Get your blood pumping with these intense classics at no extra cost in SNK 40th ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION on Nintendo Switch, and complete the collection at 24 astounding games!